Paulo Cunha Martins

Senior Content Creator

Current City

Berlin, Germany


Since 2008, I’ve curated a diverse portfolio of clients, including major brands, design and architecture studios, public institutions, as well as art galleries and museums.

— Product Photography
— Artwork Reproduction
— Digital Restoration
— Portraiture
— Architecture
— Event Photography


Having a robust technical knowledge and extensive experience with audio and video equipment, I actively contributed to the decision-making processes of various entities, particularly in performance management. During my tenure at the University of Portugal, I not only managed budgeting and procured audio/video equipment but also conducted training for faculty, staff, and students institution-wide. Engaging in a significant media training program, I played a pivotal role in transitioning traditional newsrooms into agile creators of online media content.

— Product Video Production
— Event Video Production
— Multicamera Live Events
— Live Streaming
— Documentary Film
— Video Editing

Colour Grading

Since 2013, I have worked as a colourist on several feature films. Beginning in 2018, I expanded into professional color grading and restoration, taking a central position in guiding the creative journey and offering insights to clients regarding their creative path. In addition to digital restoration of legacy media, including miniDV, VHS, and web videos, I have been actively involved in the creative aspects of projects. With hardware-calibrated color reference monitor, software, and measurement hardware, I have facilitated remote work with clients from home, providing a professional environment for collaborative endeavours.

— DaVinci Resolve Studio
— LG OLED client monitor
— 3DLUT Creator
— Topaz AI


My capacity for coordination extended to collaborations with art galleries, where I crafted solutions for exhibitions integrating video and audio systems. Additionally, I designed technical solutions for large-scale exhibitions, involving multiple video projections and stereo/5.1 audio setups. Collaborating closely with curators, artist’s agents, and artists, I oversaw custom hardware design and installation for video projection systems, demonstrating proficiency in coordinating large, multifunctional teams against tight deadlines.

— User testing and research
— Brand guidelines
— Social Media strategy
— Content creation
— Print and Marketing materials

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