This retrospective exhibition showcases Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s career, spanning over twenty works from early experiments to recent creations in various art forms. Weerasethakul explores themes like faith, memory, and rebirth, blending genres like science fiction, adventure, and myth with his native Isaan’s traditional narratives. His art blurs narrative and experimental elements, evoking the supernatural and fluidity in history. The exhibition, “A Serenidade da Loucura,” creatively reveals Weerasethakul’s private world and abstract experiences in light, memory, and spirituality. It marks its European premiere at Oliva Art Centre, curated by the artist himself.

My role within this project was multifaceted, entailing a thorough consultation process that addressed every facet of the audio and video requirements for this substantial exhibition. This encompassed a range of tasks and responsibilities, including the coordination and management of 18 video projectors, the meticulous configuration and implementation of a sophisticated multi-channel audio system, the development and integration of custom hardware solutions tailored to the unique needs of the exhibition space, and the ongoing dedication to fine-tuning and maintenance to ensure a seamless and immersive experience for the attendees.

Phase 1

  • Technical and formal requirement ideation
  • Direct interface with the artist and agent
  • Conceptualisation and design of customised hardware for audio and video systems

Phase 2

  • Acquisition of audio and video equipment

Phase 3

  • Fine tuning
  • Maintenance manual creation
  • Production of exhibition video

Photograph by Dinis Santos

Exhibition Video

Project on client page

Exhibition planning and simulation

Finished Exhibition

Photographs by Dinis Santos